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Custom - Made Designs

Want a specific product but non of the online models seem to make the cut? At MARILOU we speak custom-made design. We specialize in the development of decor & design projects, working from small piece designs to big projects that incorporate multiple design pieces + interior design assessment. Residential, commercial, hotel projects, restaurants, you name it. MARILOU meets the needs to produce personalized pieces because of it's close day to day collaboration with artisanal workshops + design and production experts. This allows us to create the design of your dreams. It's safe to say that during a custom-made process the client/designer relationship is vital to ensure that the desired model is functional, esthetically appealing and durable. We start at brainstorming, move to sketching and finalize at prototyping, before mass production is started. In this process, the details certainly make the difference. Take a look at our process, get inspired start yours today!