Copper, Bamboo, and Benkerai

Bengkerai wood, from the island of Borneo, is ideal for the construction of structures, due to its hardness, density and durability.

2.Special floor - luxury design
3.Copper bathtubs
4.Copper faucets (hand stained)
5. Organic materials (cushions, fabrics,...) organic

A plant called IMPERATA CYLINDRICA is used.
It acts as a natural thermal insulator. Totally organic and recyclable material.


Bengkirai wood: It is obtained from a tree whose scientific name is SHOREA LAEVIS.

A sealant is applied that closes the pores of the wood and facilitates the fixing of the wood, so that the color or varnish is more easily impregnated and lasts longer. Commercial sealants are usually TUNG oil based. Then, a certain color is given and, finally, TOP WOOD is given, which is a transparent varnish based on NITROCELLULOSE (called Melanin in Indonesia).


Total size:

Interior :


Energy savings

Water tank, septic tank (treatment of wastewater, separation and physical-chemical transformation of these waters), rainwater harvesting and compostable toilets... .

All our houses are provided with double walls and thermal insulation to facilitate their comfort and habitability.

Quality and excellence

Easy to mount.

The price of the house includes all the assembly, taxes, decoration, furniture, builders from Bali.

They would arrive in CR or any other country in 3 months approx.

Support for the local economy with job creation.

Custom designs.

This product is unavailable
All our houses are shipped in a container with all the furniture and decoration once approved by the client… They arrive at the port of destination (Costa rica) in 3 months. For other locations, please inquire with our staff