Dream it. Build it. Grow it.


Nativus hom team of architects and designers will create a perfect plan for your wooden prefab house or any timber resort project, interior design that has never been built before.


Throughout the process, you design the layout and size of the future rooms, and you select everything that goes into your prefab house, from the type of wooden flooring, to the fixtures, where the rooms are placed and how large they are.  

An inspired Life.

With a team of true professionals in architecture, construction and sustainability we set out on an ambitious design mission.
One in which we combined all the elements that together form
our definition of luxury living…

In these modern times, we strongly believe in mobility. Our answer is very simple: Life changes and sometimes we feel we need to move on. This type of house can be dismantled and stored, put in a container and shipped and assembled in another space - even in another country.

Mobility by nature.

Dream it.

Are you inspired? Does this concept and the idea of moving your house to another place inspire you? Our houses are tiny houses, but not on wheels.

Build it.

Our prefab wooden houses are built in Indonesia by experts with many generations of experience making wooden houses. .

Grow it.

There are no limits. Our houses are an inspiration and you can come up with your own design and ideas and we are happy to grow the seed we planted.

Our houses

  • Venus
  • Yoga
  • Vega
  • Domus
  • Hosiko
  • Production
Our difference with other companies

Easy to assemble

The final prices of the house inclses all the assembly, taxes, decoration, furniture, builders

Worldwise delivery within 3 months


The perfect setup for a peaceful atmosphere combined with all the elements of luxury living.


Eco-friendly and harmonious home with a warm feel combines with delicate Japanese aesthetics.


The perfect Domehouse for small family. All made in natural wood and climate proof.

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