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We give advice, consulting renderings, assemblies and everything the client needs. Our design process allows us to give your space a harmonious and cohesive look. 


We work with high-end environment friendly products, to provide an excellent service and finish. We have workshops in Costa rica and indonesia. We work with wood, tea and nylons. We use the best fabrics for high performance


We take care of everything, the logistics and placing it in place to give it the different and unique final touch that each space deserves. All that’s left, is for you to enjoy your newly designed space. 

Beach house is one of the styles we offer; with organic materials, earth colors and ecological concepts. Each product is handmade and designed to provide the quality and freshness that the customer is looking for when it comes to residentials on the beach.

With more than 25 floors, URBN Escalante is our tower with the greatest projection in Costa Rica.

One of Marilou's first challenges was with the Selina group, a chain of hostels that are making a name for themselves, for their current design, aimed at young people who travel all over the world.

We made all the furniture for the new Botaniko, a restaurant designed by Sebastian la Rocca, one of the best international chefs of the moment.