MARILOU is a furniture design and production company that specializes in interior design projects. These include hotels, restaurants, residential design, local projects and in-store product display. Our team is composed entirely out of artisans who have dedicated their life to this unique art.  With more than 35 years of experience in the art of rattan, wood, metal and textiles they allow us to provide our customers a unique, one of a kind piece.



Every MARILOU design piece is handmade, artisanal work with traditional techniques of more than 350 years. Produced both locally and internationally through our workshops each design requires a conscious selection of materials that provide longer life pieces to reduce waste and the use of more resources. Some of these include recycled teak, nylon strings and rattan among many. 


Our team creates fresh and hip design collections that can add up to any space using traditional techniques along with new design aesthetic. Collections are available for online purchase, in store orders and customizable as well in case the existing pieces don’t match your exact needs. All of our collections contain pieces that are meant for almost every room or space. This allows you to find all the pieces you need in just one gorgeous site. 


Any known partnership requieres mutual commitment and we know how hard you’ve worked in your design vision. We want to match that with beautiful, functional and durable pieces that can fulfill that vision and aesthetic. Leave it to us to manage budget, technical consultancy and delivery.  We will always show full commitment no matter how big or small your projects are.