Made in Costa Rica

Custom Pre-order

Delivery from 1 to 5 months

Made in Costa Rica


Delivery from 1 to 5 months

We also produce furniture on-demand in our workshops in Costa Rica. Check our catalog & enquire our staff for more information

You order, we build them for you

Our 'Atelier' in Costa Rica is ready to produce your custom items with your own especications.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is Pre-order?

We call pre-order to custom built items made in our local workshops in Costa Rica

When are they available?

Each item is different. Please enquire our staff for estimates

What's the difference between "Coming soon" and "Pre-order"

Coming soon are items that are currently being shipped from Indonesia. Pre-order are items are items produced locally and on-demand

How can I place an Order?

Below there is a short list of our most popular Pre-order items. You can also see our catalog and place an order via mail. We will follow up with your order. We recommend to get in touch with our staff first

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