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Wood is the material for furniture and home decor that will never go out of style. If  you are a lover of wood in its purest state, then that is already a plus point when  decorating your home, regardless of the season of the year.  

In that sense, the time that passes or the style of the architecture of your home, are  not a problem, because when we talk about wood, we refer to a timeless and  immortal material that can fit perfectly and naturally with any decorative style, also  adding a distinctive touch to the property in which it is placed that will make a  difference in your decoration. 

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For that reason, today in Marilou Shop, your sustainable furniture store with a  unique design, we share with you an interesting article where we want to convince  you that natural wood is a unique material of its kind for your home decoration. Next,  we tell you all its most outstanding advantages: 

Why is wood a special material for your home? 

At Marilou Shop we know that wood has always been the most widely used material  for home furniture, regardless of styles and times. Likewise, the most relevant  reasons are its great resistance and prolonged durability, especially at the aesthetic  level, since by not going out of style, wood becomes a timeless raw material of great  success. 

In addition to these great advantages that we have already discussed, when we  speak especially of natural wood in your home, this brings a good amount of benefits  that you would never have imagined before, especially on some that act directly on  people's health.

What are the most common natural wood furniture? 

Before talking about the benefits of natural wood, we must explain some of the most  important characteristics of natural wood and designed exclusively for your home.  On the one hand, when we talk about a table made of solid natural wood, they are a  paradigmatic element in modern decoration, since they allow from more traditional  finishes to the most creative ones without losing functionality, with touches full of  nature that enhance splendor of your interior spaces. 

On the other hand, there are also other furniture that are usually found in natural  wood for your living room, such as tables for the TV, or some furniture for storage.  There are also very creative ideas for natural wood headboards and nightstands,  because in addition to being beautiful they provide an atmosphere, which may well  be classic or even the most innovative, providing the distinction of a truly sustainable  decorative option that many they want in their interior spaces. 

However, and although aesthetically they have no comparison with any other  material on the market, including natural wood in your interior spaces means much  more than a decorative whim because it offers you numerous sustainable  advantages, we will tell you below.  

What benefits are obtained at home using natural wood furniture? 

Natural wood furniture is not necessarily more expensive compared to other cheaper  options that currently exist on the market. Mainly, if you start to analyze the prices of  all the options, due to the fact that it is an investment in furniture for life, which  become durable objects that will adapt to your tastes with ease. 

  1. Synonym of sustainability 

One of the most outstanding advantages of natural wood is that it is a renewable  material, since it comes from the trees of national forests and in many cases they are  protected for responsible deforestation.  

Therefore, the controlled use of this material also allows these natural spaces to be  renewed in order to continue producing furniture with natural wood without affecting  the environment. 

In this sense, the natural wood producers themselves are the first interested in  making it so, favoring its use and adjusting to a responsible repopulation. This is how  at Marilou Shop we support the renewal of forests and we understand that it is 

essential for natural wood to remain a sustainable and ecological raw material  forever. 

  1. Offers great resistance 

Natural wood, compared to other materials, offers much higher resistance, especially  to other structures made with plastic derivatives that are also harmful to the  environment. Among the natural wood furniture, those that are of solid origin, are the  most durable over time. 

  1. Provides warmth, harmony and balance 

Natural wood makes you connect directly with nature and, therefore, is linked to  authenticity and a harmonious decoration. In that sense, natural wood furniture has  the quality of making you feel good at any time. It is proven that natural wood  furniture produces a direct association with the tree, which has always been  considered a source of infinite life.  

For example, it is a highly valued sensation that is experienced by Feng Shui, a  sensation impossible to convey with other types of synthetic materials. 

  1. Regulate the humidity of your interior spaces 

It is verified that furniture made with natural wood helps reduce excess humidity in  interior spaces. In this way, they contribute to its regulation effectively and allow the  room to be kept in the most optimal conditions, in some cases they can reduce  humidity by up to 50%, especially during the summer. 

  1. Helps to obtain a comfortable temperature 

Another of the most important advantages that are associated with natural wood is  that they regulate heat and cold correctly. Therefore, it is easier to maintain a  pleasant environment at any time of the year.  

For example, in summer when the high temperatures arrive, natural wood helps  reduce the heat from outside and, in winter, they help to be much warmer inside the  house. In addition, this factor contributes directly to savings on the energy bill. 

  1. Easy maintenance 

A fundamental factor when buying a piece of furniture is how easy it is to maintain.  Therefore, when the maintenance of your furniture means the least possible time in  its care, it will be much more attractive to choose it as part of your home decoration. 

In the case of natural wood, it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth and, sometimes,  you can also add a pinch of soap or a special product to maintain the shine and  splendor as on the first day. 

  1. Fantastic quality 

In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, natural wood offers your interior  spaces a greater perception of quality. For this reason, natural wood has the ability  to provide a plus of quality and elegance to your home with furniture and decoration  that is always revalued over time.  

In summary, when we speak of natural wood we refer to a unique material of its kind  and highly valued in the market because it brings distinction and that will always  make you feel good at home. 

We hope that with this post we have convinced you why natural wood is a splendid  option for your interior spaces. We are Marilou Shop, a meeting point between  sustainability and design. We are dedicated to provide you with a large selection of  curated items that prove their worth.  

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